Our Pro-Ezy courses have been made to provide the perfect environment in which to practice your communication skills. This enjoyable course focuses on improving your conversational Chinese without needing to learn the characters. A book is used for this course to guide you through your learning journey.
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Each of these stages has 3 levels

Conversation Level 1
Conversation Level 2
Conversation Level 3

Duration: 30 hours per level
Language: English
Includes: BOOK and supplementary worksheets

In these courses, you can expect:

  • A range of activities designed to promote group discussion.
  • Fun, engaging and interactive activities to help improve your spoken Chinese.
  • An easygoing, laidback atmosphere.
  • To meet new people from various backgrounds.

The course consists of a 90-hour learning period that is broken down into three 30-hour periods. Stage one starts a beginner level, with the following stages becoming more advanced.

What are the prerequirements?

  • A placement test score in line with your chosen course level.

What will I gain from this course?

  • Overall better communication skills.
  • A greater understanding of Chinese culture.
  • Increased sureness when using Chinese language.
  • An ability to express yourself more freely and fluently.

Who is this course suitable for?

Anybody looking to improve their communication skills in Mandarin.


You can

Pinyin System

  1. Understand how to read and remember Pinyin
  2. Understand how to pronounce and spell Pinyin correctly
  3. Know the basic words of Chinese
  4. Understand key words (de    shi)

1 Greeting Culture

  1. Understand how to greet with people in Chinese
  2. Know how to express numbers 1–99
  3. Know the vocabularies of family and daily words
  4. Understand how to praise others

2 Know each other

  1. Know ask name and answer such questions
  2. Know to basic words about school supplies
  3. Know the common verbs and place
  4. Understand how to use the Adv and Adj correctly

3 Day & Date

  1. Know how to express date
  2. Understand how to ask and answer the questions of date
  3. Know how to use the preposition phrase and sentence
  4. Understand the interlocking sentence pattern

4 Time & Period

  1. Know how to express time and period
  2. Understand how to ask and answer the questions of time
  3. Know how to use the preposition phrase and sentence
  4. Understand the interlocking sentence pattern

5 Diet & Food

  1. Know the vocabularies about daily diet
  2. Understand how to use the Amount & Measure word
  3. Know how to make an invite
  4. Understand how to use the modal word

6 Shopping and Pay

  1. Know the words about daily supplies
  2. Understand the words and sentence about shopping
  3. Intensive Demonstrative word & sentence
  4. Intensive Amount & Measure word


You can
27 Introduce Family
  1. Understand how to ask and answer questions about family
  2. Know how to introduce others
  3. Know the words about Job and working place
  4. Know how to use the demonstrative words
8 Ask the way
  1. Know how to describe the position of things
  2. Know how to ask and answer questions about address
  3. Know how to ask and point the way
  4. Know to words about traffic
9  Weather and Invite
  1. Know how to describe the weather
  2. Know the words of clothes and color
  3. Know how to make a call to invite somebody
  4. Know how to express the present continuous
10 Tourist and Weather    
  1. Get the vocabulary about Tourist
  2. Know the name of transportation
  3. Know how to describe the weather in a place
  4. Know how to use aspect particle “” to express your experience
11 Body and Health       
  1. Learn to describe a person’s appearance simply
  2. Learn to express the body parts in Chinese as well as physical discomfort
  3. Can be used in Chinese expression doctor and medication
  4. Understand the Chinese imperative sentence
12  Hobbies and


  1. Learn to ask and express each other’s hobbies, the establishment of friendship
  2. Learn to invite, and agreed time and place
  3. Learn to use verbal overlap and degree complements


You can
313 Sport and Exercise   
  1. Be able to use the Chinese to talk about some simple topic of sport
  2. To learn more degree adverbs, and know how to use them
  3. To correctly express the current tense
14 Inquiry and


  1. Be familiar with the daily life in Chinese consultation or explanation
  2. Learn more everyday life vocabulary and question sentence
  3. Can be able to accurately express large numbers or prices in Chinese
15 Compare and


  1. To learn more about adjectives
  2. Learn to describe things more accurately
  3. Learn to use comparative sentences to express your views or make comparisons of something
16 Mood and Feeling  
  1. Describe the state of mind
  2. Ask questions and concerns in Chinese
  3. Understand and use the Phrase of “的”
17 Advisement  and


  1. Learn to express requirements and suggestions with modal verbs
  2. Understand how to use the dynamic particle “着”
  3. Learn to use fixed phrases that express future tenses
18 Work and ability
  1. Get to describe and express work status
  2. Understand the related vocabulary about work
  3. Understand how to use the dynamic particle “了”
  4. Use the result complement to express the description of the result