Pro Language Chiang Mai

Pro Language Chiang Mai was founded in June of 2008, to meet the growing needs of the Chiang Mai communities, universities, and businesses by providing high-quality training in the use of Thai and other international languages

Pro Language Chiang Mai is situated in a fantastic central location which makes transportation easy. Moreover, it is surrounded by many shopping centers, food and drink options.

This location is perfect for anyone who would like to learn about the beauty of Thai culture and society in addition to learning a new language.


For those individuals who have decided to stay in the area of Chiang Mai,

Pro Language Chiang Mai offers a 1 year Education Visa to individuals who would like to learn Thai.

For English or Chinese non-native speakers (English or Chinese is not your 1st language), Pro Language Chiang Mai also offers a 1 year Education Visa for those who would like to study English and Chinese.

In addition, Pro Language Chiang Mai provides many activities for the foreigners to learn about languages and cultures. We integrate classroom study with outings to encourage the students to participate and have good interactions with other students.

We warmly welcome you to our family.

Our staff and instructors are confident to make learning language enjoyable and gratifying.

What our students say