Thai Culture and Festivals

Two of the most popular annual celebrations are “Songkran” the water festival and “Loy Krathong”

Loy Krathong Festival

Loi Krathong festival (ลอยกระทง) is celebrated throughout Thailand. It takes place on the evening of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. The dates of Loy Krathong change every year. Loy Krathong usually falls in November.

Why Learn Thai

National Thai Language Day was established in 1999. The date of July 29 was proposed by Chulangkorn University, because on that day in 1962 King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) paid a private visit to the university's Faculty of Arts. During his visit, he had a meeting with students and faculty to discuss the proper use of Thai words and the preservation of the Thai language. Pro Language offers classes in a wide variety of languages and there are benefits to learning any of them, but if you are in Thailand, why not study Thai? Thai is spoken by nearly 60 million people in Thailand, neighboring countries and in Thai communities world-wide. Learning Thai can really improve your quality of life. Firstly, many Thai people do not speak English or other [...]

Practise singing Ram wong wan songkran

Practise singing “Ram wong wan songkran” in Thaiวันนี้เป็นวันสงกรานต์ หนุ่มสาวชาวบ้านเบิกบานจิตใจจริงเอย ตอนเช้าทำบุญ ทำบุญตักบาตร ทำบุญร่วมชาติตักบาตรร่วมขันกันเอย เข้าวัดแต่งตัว แต่งตัวสวยสะ ไปสรงน้ำพระ ณ วันสงกรานต์กันเอย ตอนบ่ายเราเริงกีฬา เล่นมอญซ่อนผ้า เล่นสะบ้ากันเอย ทำบุญทำทานสนุกสนานกันแล้ว ขอเชิญน้องแก้วรำวงกันเอย …………….(music)…………………… (Repeat)   Thai Vocabulary:วันสงกรานต์ Wan Song Kraan Songkran Day(The first day of the festival, considered to be the start of the new year)หนุ่มสาว Nùm Sǎaw Young peopleทำบุญ Tham bun Make meritcredit:

National Thai Elephant Day

National Thai Elephant Day Raditionally and historically, the elephant has had a long association with Thailand and Thai people. Despite having protection in Thailand, elephant populations are vastly declining over the past 100 years due to many factors such as habitat deconstruction, poaching, climate change etc. Nowadays, there are only around 3,000-4,000 elephants remaining in Thailand and most of them are being held in captivity.To honor this most gentle, yet powerful, of animals the National Thai Elephant Day was proposed on 13th March which is the day that white elephant was chosen to be ‘National Animal and Symbol of Thailand’. The National Thai Elephant Day or Chang Thai Day helps to draw people attention to see how important of elephant and show closely relationship between Thai people and elephant since [...]

What is your name?

Speak Thai : What is your name? (คุณชื่ออะไร) Conversationคุณชื่ออะไรครับ Khun chûu aray khráp What is your name?ดิฉันชื่อสุดาค่ะ Dichǎn chûu Suda khâ My name is Suda.  Vocabularyชื่อchûuNameอะไรarayWhat

Why Visit Thailand

Why Visit Thailand? You might be wondering where to visit on your next holiday. Thailand, though it has received some bad press lately, is still the worlds most popular tourist destination. So, why should you visit the land of smiles? Here are five good reasons why: It’s (almost) always sunny warm While the northern hemisphere is freezing cold, Thailand is warm and sunny as usual. This makes it a great time to go to the beach or even a walk in the park any day or night. Warm weather and sunshine is good for the body, mind and soul. Thailand is affordable Room rentals are cheap, the food is great and low-priced and almost everything you want to do, or buy is much cheaper than in other countries. Where else can you eat seafood [...]

Get an education visa in Thailand ?

How can a Thai language school help you get an education visa in Thailand?Education visas in Thailand are called Non-Immigrant ED visas or as some people call them “student visas” or “ED visas.” These visas are issued to applicants who wish to study, attend seminars, training sessions or work as interns in Thailand. One of the cheapest ways to obtain an ED-Visa is to enroll on a Thai language course. People from all around the world are eligible to sign-up and obtain one. Whether you are currently in Thailand or not, Pro Language School can help you obtain your visa easily. There are only a few requirements for an education visa and you will need to fill out some paperwork. For details please check this link. Pro Language school has branches in Bangkok, [...]

What is the Songkran Festival?

What is the Songkran Festival? Songkran is a Thai traditional New Year which starts on April 13th-15th  every year.  Songkran means “movement” or “changing”. It is also called the “Water Festival”.  Water is believed to flow and wash away all sins during this time.  Activity In the Thai tradition, the New Year begins early in the morning when faithful Thai Buddhists go to the temple to offering food to monks.  After that, they release caged animals, especially birds and fish.  Children and grandchildren will visit and respect their elders and parents.  The young pour scented water over their elder’s hands, they in return, wish them good health, happiness and prosperity.  This tradition of paying respect is called “Rod Nam Dam Hua”.  April 14 is called “Family Day”. Rod Nam Dam Hua is pouring water on the hands [...]