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Student Visa in Chiang Mai

Announcement for Student Visa in Chiang Mai For those who have never obtained an ED visa from Pro Language or any other school or university in Thailand, they can receive a one year visa. Recent changes to the regulations now require all students who are receiving a one year visa to pass a test with the Ministry of Education after 6 months. Provided they pass the test, they will not be required to leave the country and the visa will continue as normal. Unfortunately, for those who have previously received an ED visa from any school or university including Pro Language, the ministry will only approve a 6 month visa ED visa. After the 6 months has been completed, students will need to re-apply to receive a further visa. These recent changes...

Get an education visa in Thailand ?

How can a Thai language school help you get an education visa in Thailand? Education visas in Thailand are called Non-Immigrant ED visas or as some people call them “student visas” or “ED visas.” These visas are issued to applicants who wish to study, attend seminars, training sessions or work as interns in Thailand. One of the cheapest ways to obtain an ED-Visa is to enroll on a Thai language course. People from all around the world are eligible to sign-up and obtain one. Whether you are currently in Thailand or not, Pro Language School can help you obtain your visa easily. There are only a few requirements for an education visa and you will need to fill out some paperwork. For details please check this link. Pro Language school has branches in Bangkok,...