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What is the Songkran Festival?

What is the Songkran Festival? Songkran is a Thai traditional New Year which starts on April 13th-15th  every year.  Songkran means “movement” or “changing”. It is also called the “Water Festival”.  Water is believed to flow and wash away all sins during this time. Activity In the Thai tradition, the New Year begins early in the morning when faithful Thai Buddhists go to the temple to offering food to monks.  After that, they release caged animals, especially birds and fish.  Children and grandchildren will visit and respect their elders and parents.  The young pour scented water over their elder’s hands, they in return, wish them good health, happiness, and prosperity.  This tradition of paying respect is called “Rod Nam Dam Hua”.  April 14 is called “Family Day”. Rod Nam Dam Hua is pouring water on the hands...

Theft of passports in Thailand

Theft of passports in Thailand and particularly in Phuket is a 'regular occurrence'   There is, of course, no evidence that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which disappeared Friday 7 March just over an hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, was the victim of a terror attack. But news that two of the passengers on the flight were travelling on passports stolen in Thailand – one belonging to Italian Luigi Maraldi, who lost it last August when he left it as collateral for a motorbike rented in Phuket, and the other to Austrian Christian Kozel, who reported his lost in the same area some 18 months earlier – has focused attention on the country's booming trade in stolen and falsified passports. Some, certainly, have ended up in the hands...

Getting Around Bangkok

Traveling in and around Bangkok can seem daunting at first sight. With city lights illuminating the night sky, street food that inundates the senses, pedestrians who shop nonstop and not to mention the stray Bangkokian dogs who are always sniffing around for a meal. You can become lost, confused or even overwhelmed. However, if you are in the heart of the city you are in luck. The BTS and MRT operate from six a.m. to midnight seven days a week with low cost fares to all areas. The destinations on both transits will give you an opportunity to explore many religious sites, temples, palaces, family fun options and of course shopping. Whether it is a night market or the famous Chatuchak weekend market you can use the metro transit system...

underground / subway / metro / tube

underground / subway / metro / tube A city’s underground railway/railroad system is usually called the underground (often the Underground) in British English and the subway in North American English. Speakers of British English also use subway for systems in American cities and metro for systems in other European countries. The Metro is the name for the systems in Paris and Washington, D.C. London’s system is often called the Tube.


You use holiday (or holidays) in British English and vacation in North American English to describe the regular periods of time when you are not at work or school, or time that you spend travelling or resting away from home: I get two weeks’ holiday/vacation a year. He’s on holiday/vacation next week. I like to take my holiday/vacation in the summer. the summer holidays/vacation the summer holidays/vacation In North American English a holiday (or a public holiday) is a single day when government offices, schools, banks and businesses are closed. In British English it is called a bank holiday: The school will be closed Monday because it’s a holiday.