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Online Live Group classes

LanguageLevelScheduleStart Date
ThaiBook 1

Tuesday & Thursday

10:00 – 11:40

3rd Sep 2020
Book 1

Wednesday & Friday

18:00 – 19:40

03rd June 2020
Book 2

Tuesday & Thursday

11:00 – 12:40

12st May 2020
Book 3

Tuesday & Thursday

18:00 – 19:40

14th May 2020

Tuesday & Thursday

13:00 – 15:00

2nd June 2020

Monday & Wednesday

13:00 – 15:00

22nd June 2020

Wednesday & Friday

15:00 – 17:00

1st April 2020

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20 Lessons = 11,300 THB
30 Lessons= 16500 THB
40 Lessons= 20,000 THB
60 Lessons = 27,000 THB

Note: 1 lessons = 50 Minutes.

For more than 1 student price will increases 100 THB per person to the above prices.

20 Hours = 20,000 THB

40 Lessons= 36,000 THB

60 Lessons = 51,000 THB

For more than 1 student price will increases 100 THB per person to the above prices.​

30 Hours= 6,900 THB
60 Hours= 13,000 THB
90 Hours = 18,500 THB

All of our teachers are experienced native teachers

30 Hours= 5,900 THB
60 Hours= 10,500 THB
90 Hours = 13,900 THB

All of our teachers are experienced native teachers

30 Lessons= 5,000 THB
60 Lessons= 9,000 THB
90 Lessons= 12,000 THB

Note: 1 Lesson is 50 Minutes and at least you have 2 lessons per time.

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