Thai Courses

Pro Language Thai courses take a multi-skilled approach to enable learners to develop their language abilities through a range of interesting and communicative classroom activities. Our qualified native Thai speakers will make you feel comfortable and take you through the steps needed to get you talking in Thai. The first thing students will learn is how to form short, simple sentences needed for survival and then build upon that to engage in more complex conversations.
And, you will begin learning to read! As Thai is a tonal language, correct pronunciation (required to avoid using the wrong word and to be understood) is best learned through knowledge of how the written language operates. At first, you’ll just learn to read common, everyday words and will gradually move on to longer pieces and even newspapers and magazines! All of this is possible due to Pro Languages systematic approach to learning the written Thai language.
With our small class sizes, you will have maximum opportunity to practice what you learn and to receive help and support from our experienced instructors.


Our Thai language courses have a clear direction and process to build up and improve your Thai communication skills from basic levels to advanced levels.

You will learn from simple short sentences for survival, to being able to have complicated discussions, from reading easy words to reading columns in newspapers or magazines. This language acquisition is possible through the systematic method of Pro Language.The lessons are smooth and balanced between understanding why you say something and practice using acquired language through interesting activities in the class. When the lessons make sense to you and there is no frustration, you will feel comfortable and enjoy learning.

Essentials of Thai Language

Our Thai courses vary across many different topics, from daily life to business or particular issues which we can incorporate in order to meet the students’ needs.

  • Quality guarantee

  • Convenient location

  • Enjoy learning Thai and traveling

  • Reasonable Price

  • Practical Method

  • Great service minded staff

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Small groups

  • We make language easy and enjoyable

  • Highly experienced teachers

  • 3 Year ED Visa

For your Attention!

The following Chiang Mai Immigration department have moved to the Promenada Resort Mall :

- Retirement
- 90 day report
- Tourist
- Medical case
- Re-entry permit

The departments below are still in operation in the original place (Chaing Mai Provincial Immigration office):
- Ed visa
- Marriage visa
- Business visa
- Transfer visa

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