We offer stimulating and interactive courses in a wide variety of languages.

In addition to our popular Thai, English and Chinese classes, we offer regular instruction in a variety of other languages including Russian, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish. With four branches across Thailand, we are able to provide stimulating classes for any age and ability level. In addition to the courses listed, we specialize in custom course design to meet the demands of individual learners, group classes as well as business professionals through our corporate division. Whatever your language needs are, we make language learning fun and enjoyable.

Student Visa in Chiang Mai

For those who have never obtained an ED visa from Pro Language or any other school or university in Thailand, they can receive a one year visa. Recent changes to the regulations now require all students who are receiving a one year visa to pass a test with the Ministry of Education after 6 months. Provided they pass the test, they will not be required to leave the country and the visa will continue as normal.
Unfortunately, for those who have previously received an ED visa from any school or university including Pro Language, the ministry will only approve a 6 month visa ED visa. After the 6 months has been completed, students will need to re-apply to receive a further visa.
These recent changes affect all language schools in Chiang Mai and are the decision of the Thai government. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Announcement for Student Visa in Chiang Mai