Since we opened our doors in the year 2000 we have been conducting Thai language training courses for foreigners wishing to learn how to communicate in Thai. From the beginning our name has been synonymous with Thai Language training.

Our teachers are all educated professionals who have been individually trained by our senior teachers to teach everybody from tourists to expatriate professionals and long term residents alike.

Corporate Thai language training has always been a part of the service we
offer and, as a result we have become one of the top corporate training
providers for Thai. We can provide in house training for you at your place of business, in either of our Bangkok offices in central locations or even send a teacher to your residence.

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What Courses Do We Offer?

The Pro Language Thai language course has been carefully designed by a team of highly experienced Thai teachers. Our course is easy to follow, whether you have no understanding of Thai, or already speak to a certain degree. We provide conversation, reading, writing, and also have a preparation course for the Thai Language Competency Test.

Industry Specific Courses

We can also develop Industry Specific Courses for your organization. Previous clients include embassies, hotels, government organizations, telecommunications companies, automotive manufacturers, logistic companies to name but a few.

Why Do Your Staff Need To Lean Thai?

We understand that if your company employs foreign staff you may choose to communicate with them in English. However, at Pro Language we feel that business communication needs to work both ways. By learning Thai not only will your foreign employees be able to confidently communicate with everyone, they will also learn to appreciate and understand Thai culture in the workplace. Whatever your industry and whatever language you speak we are confident that we can help your multi-cultural organisation conduct business more effectively.