We’ve taught English to working adults in Thailand for nearly two decades. During that time, many companies across a wide range of industries as well as government organizations have benefited from our successful training programs. Our experience and in-depth knowledge makes us the first choice for corporate training. Pro Language is committed to offering English language training that is effective and enjoyable every time. First we conduct a level assessment and needs analysis. Then our experts will select or design a language course for you that’s guaranteed to improve the language skills of your team. We carefully monitor your program and get feedback from the trainees. At the end of each course, we provide detailed reporting to help you plan the next step.

Business English, General English & Technical English

Pro Language offers three standard ‘learning paths’ to lift your staff’s English communication skills up. These standard programs are the best solution if you plan to mix trainees from different departments in the same language course.

Business English

Our Business English program is for learners in management, administration, sales or marketing roles. It provides the best combination of language skills, business skills and inter-cultural skills. Our program is especially designed for working adults in the AEC.

General English

For learners who mostly wish to socialize in English, or who will travel or work in an English-speaking country, our General English program may fit your needs. You will learn how to converse naturally on topics of personal interest and gain insights into Western culture.

Technical English

We recommend our Technical English program for learners who work in engineering, production, technical support or warehouse roles. This program covers the same important language and communication skills as our other programs, but in a more technical context.
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Industry Specific Courses

Pro Language offers a wide variety of English language programs for industry sectors.

English for Accounting

English for the Automobile Industry

English for Aviation

English for Banking and Finance

English for Cabin Crew

English for Customer Care

English for the Energy Industry

English for Hotels

English for Human Resources

English for Legal Professionals

English for Logistics

English for Marketing and Advertising

English for Medicine

English for Nursing

English for Oil and Gas

English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

English for Sales and Purchasing

English for Secretaries and Administrative Personnel

English for Telecoms and IT

English for Tourism

English Skills Courses

Our range of skills-based programs can be adapted for specific needs.

Email + Business Writing Skills

Negotiating Skills

Socializing Skills

Presentations Skills

Networking Skills

Telephone Skills

Meetings Skills

Customized Courses + Workshops

Pro Language’s experts can develop and customize courses to meet your training requirements.

English socializing (interactive sessions with native speakers)

Specific topics courses tailored to your company’s needs

English camps (fun with team building activities)

English workshops

Intensive English classes (speaking, listening, writing & reading)

Personal tutoring