What our Students say

I am happy here studying Thai. I am in a beginner’s class and like it, if the speed is not too fast. Very good teacher, Khun Priao.

Sylia Deschamps, Thai Course Bangkok

I was introduced to take an Intensive English Writing Course at Pro Language by my company. Before I came here I used to take the fundamental English writing class with other classmates. However, I realized that without practicing in writing English, I would never get improvement. Fortunately, I have an opportunity to take a private class at Pro Language that I could arrange my course outline. In addition to this, the English teacher is also fluent in writing literature and encourages me to write more often. This will let me develop my professional writing. Besides, I can get improve my speaking as well during the class discussion. Thank you to Pro Language and the teacher for the English writing inspiration. I found that English is amazing and fun.

Rungsimon Sumrit, Department of Agricultural Extension,Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives,English course Bangkok


The teacher is very patient to teach everyone and we have interactive to study in class. I usually happy to join it.

Lin, Jia-Hong, Thai Course Bangkok

I am attending Student Visa course now. Since the Pro Language School has both staffs and Thai teachers who are high level of professionalism, helpful and friendly. The staffs have prepared all the documents for the students and they use a personal approach to every student. Moreover, there are wide variety of timetables for your convenience. Learning Thai language here is not only enjoyable but also very useful for my daily life.

Spartakos Pogkosian, From Greece, Thai Course Bangkok


I had previously studied at many different language institutes but I always felt that my English speaking, reading and writing skills were not as good as they should have been. That was until our company introduced a new policy to improve the English level of our employees for which we invite Pro Language to arrange a course.
The teachers from Pro Language are well qualified and experienced and are a great source of encouragement. They have helped me improve both my writing and speaking skills and have given me the confidence to speak in English.
Thank you Pro Language

Oranoot Arno, Assistant Human Resources Manager (SF Development Co.,Ltd.)Corporate English Training

I enjoy the study at Pro Language School and the school it’s not too far from my house. All teachers and staff are friendly. Ability to allow the class to chose the material and structure to fit our wants and needs.

Mr. Ian Bartosh, Thai Course Chiang Mai

When I first came to Thailand, I took a few Thai lessons here and there, not taking it too seriously. Eventually I realized that I should learn the language more thoroughly and that I often made mistakes in regard to sentence and grammar structures, as well as spelling. Pro Language helped me correct these mistakes and also made me understand certain rules much clearer. Even though I am a lazy student, I feel I have significantly improved my reading, writing, and speaking skills thanks to the teachers of Pro Language.

Federrico, From Switzerland, Thai Course Bangkok


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